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Our journey is fueled by the success stories of our clients. We are growth partners, committed to propelling SaaS companies to new heights through cutting-edge marketing solutions in every strategy, every campaign, every interaction.


''Hope was never a good marketing strategy. That's why I decided to work with you guys years ago. Thanks to the know-how in social media marketing, I now have absolute control over the external perception of my company. This not only brings new customers in a predictable way, but is also incredibly fun."

After more than 5 years of successful cooperation still not enough of StraightUp


Josef Ritz

"For us, digital marketing wasn't initially right for a fuddy-duddy profession that we're considered to be, but eventually we came to the conclusion that in today's world, you just can't do without it."

How modern tax consultants use digital measures today

Tax consultancy

Schleich, Klein & Partner

"With the onset of the Corona pandemic, things changed for me. I was looking for solutions on how to target qualified new customers online and that's how I came across you guys. At first I was skeptical, as it was completely new territory for me. After some convincing from Jakov, I decided to work with you and to this day I don't regret it! The first goal was to win the first 3 customers. These we had won after a short time through your strategies. After that came the next and the next, until it developed into a real new customer acquisition process that can be planned and above all, where I have control over it."

14 new customers have been acquired so far, and this is just the beginning!

Resilience Trainer

Karl Allmer

"When I first talked to the guys about a possible collaboration, I had already built up a wider reach on socials through my work as a presenter on Pro7. What clearly won me over with you guys were the systems that allowed me to turn my notoriety into paying clients, turning my consulting into a real business."

Turn Instagram hearts into paying customers - in record time

Speaking-Coach and TV Online Host at Pro7 taff

Sven Gold

"Thanks to working with StraightUp, I finally managed to quit my old job and successfully start my own business. Thanks to your support, I now have absolute control over my business. Nothing is left to chance anymore, as your processes make everything measurable. And, although I'm not really a numbers person, it's really fun to have some predictability."

How Daniela quit her job within 3 months with a time commitment of 15 to 20 hours per week because her expert business is now StraightUp through the roof.

Executive Coach

Daniela Steiner

"The first touchpoint with StraightUp was actually a cold call from Jay himself. That was the first time I had the opportunity to experience their sales process up close and convince myself of the team's skills. At that time, however, I had declined, but came back to them on my own after some time. By working with the team, I am now much more relaxed, as I now have processes on how to attract new customers on the one hand and how to turn them into paying customers on the other. We built the whole marketing and sales process together with Jay and his team. Right now, we're tweaking the process to reach the next milestones."

More sales through product optimization and digital distribution systems as a dietician

Nutrition advisor

Gesund Essen mit Genuss | Petra Hömens

''Thanks to the cooperation with StraightUp, I was able to successfully sort out my "marketing mess" after only a short time and direct my focus on the essentials. As a result, I achieve far better results in a fraction of the time and can now spend the rest of the time concentrating on what I'm good at. Numbers tell, stories sell!"

From 0 to higher than 5-figure monthly sales in record time as a storyteller


Michel Bittner

Jay and his team explained to me in a very understandable way how successful content marketing works - he implements it great with his team. What I particularly like about working with him is that he communicates the company's values in the best possible way, which leads to massive results in the areas of digital new customer acquisition and also manages to retain existing customers."

Digital acquisition of new customers and retention of existing customers thanks to partnership with StraightUp

Health and Beauty

Abnehmen im Liegen | Chris Steiner

"Through the joint partnership with StraightUp, I have succeeded not only in implementing highly efficient marketing and sales processes, but also in finding a partner whom I can trust one hundred percent and who provides me with the highest level of business advice. Together we came up with concepts to deliver even more value to my loyal followers and developed a digital product around these ideas together. In the end, there was some testing to see what the right sales strategy was. Once that was found, I realized what predictable new customer acquisition really means."

From an influencer with a lot of reach to a power woman with real impact

Self-Development for Women

Elisa Becker

''StraightUp's systematized knowledge transfer was the game-changer for me. It saved me a lot of time and allowed me to focus on the relevant activities that are responsible for my business growth."

Small marketing adjustments that make a big difference

Executive Coaching and Mediation

GG Beratung | Gerit Goritschnig

"We have been working together for almost a year now. I have benefited most from the personal support and the elaboration of my B2B sales process via LinkedIn. What helped me particularly well was the joint elaboration of the right questions during my sales process. During this period, I was able to hold over 50 presentations with potential prospects in a systematized way and am currently still on 14 highly interested candidates."

Over 50 completed customer presentations through an implementation of StraightUp's marketing and sales processes.

Health and beauty industry

Zinzino | Gudrun Sageder

I came across StraightUp through a personal letter and I am very grateful to have met this young team behind Jakov Gushchin. Despite the distance and the contact, which was exclusively through video conferencing, the communication was optimal. I was regularly informed about the progress and always got answers to my questions. Jakov is enormously good at empathizing with target groups on social media and thus finds the optimal words to address the right people. He and his team think outside the box and develop concepts and campaigns with great care. With StraightUp, I have found a reliable partner in the field of social media marketing.

Successful launch of my new book

Neuromarketer, Speaker, Bestselling Author

Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel

"We decided to partner with you because we wanted to avoid making mistakes and work closely with someone who has been down this road before - and most importantly, because we felt the enthusiasm for our project from you, Jay. Through the digital sales process, we have brought a system into our new customer acquisition, which now allows us to acquire new customers in a predictable way and that is really fun :) One of the biggest benefits of the joint partnership was the direct sales training with Jay, in addition to the development of a digital, systematized sales process. I also believe that this very point, was one of the deciding factors that helped us scale so quickly."

After 3 months of intensive partnership first 100K month reached

Recruiting & employee acquisition for KMU


" I started using social media myself for my marketing since we opened our first place, and I didn't really know if I wanted to let this topic out of my hands in the beginning. We've now been working with StraightUp for 2 years and all I can say is that the decision was more than worth it."

Professional social media presence in the beauty industry

Health and beauty industry

Omnimed GmbH | Dr. Stefan Horwath

"In the past, as strange as it may sound, we didn't need any marketing at all. We had successfully positioned ourselves as a top provider in Austria for years and received inquiries without having to do anything for it. But our expansion into Scandinavia taught us that it's no use having the best product if no one knows about it. Working with you, I got in touch with marketing and sales for the first time and learned without detours the most relevant measures to generate first appointments with decision makers and successfully generate large orders. Thank you very much :) "

Successful market entry in Scandinavia thanks to StraightUp

Nature experience facilities

Monz Natur [Erlebnis] Anlagen | Birgit Monz

By partnering with StraightUp, we were able to set up the B2B sales process on LinkedIn in a very short time, making our marketing and sales activities predictable. What has helped us the most so far has been StraightUp's holistic approach. On one hand, we have developed a marketing process in which B2B leads are generated and, in a second step, we have also optimized the sales or presentation process of our software solution."

Systematized scaling thanks to StraightUp

IT & Software

QuickTicket GmbH

After 1 ½ years of building a business and working with 2 expensive advertising agencies, we were frustratingly in the same spot as before. By working with StraightUp, we were able to collect leads in a predictable and structured way for the first time and through their guidance, we have now developed a process in sales to turn those leads into paying customers. Thank you for that!"

Within 3 months, a nutrition consultation was transformed into a lucrative digital business.

Corporate development in the area of health and well-being

Reset Yourself | Angela and Marcel

In our fast-moving times, where so much is constantly changing, it is of great importance to me to keep up with the times. Reaching out to my fans, but also reaching out to new inquisitive people is central to me. That's why I chose to work with Jakov and his dynamic StraightUp team. StraightUp advised me on all the details, designed a customized social media concept for me and implemented it quickly. This allowed us to reach new target prospects and help many, as that is my primary goal as a physician. What particularly excited me about StraightUp is how the agency's team made my goal theirs as well and empathized with my situation and that of my followers and fans. Through inspiring collaboration, they were able to mobilize and interact with the fan community I already had, and ideally position and express myself and TamanGa in the social media world. After all, few things are more important than interacting with fans, their feedbacks, and the opportunity to expand contact with the community. This important aspect for every author and speaker is easier than ever to realize via social media. I can only recommend taking the step towards professional social media marketing.

Building the digital brand

Human Physician, speaker, bestselling author

Dr. Rüdiger Dahlke

Judes has gained over 80 new customers a month via Google ads, 100 new customers through organic traffic without any advertising spend, and an additional 30 new customers a month through Meta Ads. They save 1.900€ in monthly advertising costs through organic traffic as their blog visibility increases to 1 million people per year.

Leveraged content marketing, SEA, and social media ads to acquire new customers

Sustainable Cloth Diapers

Judes Family GmBH

“REPLY42 and the team have created excellent content for us over the last three years. I am very happy with the quality delivered and the results we achieved with it in terms of SEO.”


With REPLY42’s optimized marketing solutions, Carly saves over 70.000€ advertising costs per month and becomes visible to over 3.34 million people per month. Their blog generates 67,000 clicks per month.

Attracted new customers continuously from search engines, outpacing the competition and saving on advertising costs

Auto Technology Company

Carly Solutions GmBH & Co. KG | Christopher Polzar, CMO

Fairwalter gains over 20 new paying B2B users monthly via content marketing and SEO, resulting in a 320% ROI. They also save over 4.900€ in monthly advertising costs through organic traffic. 


Plus, the Fairwalter blog generates 156,762 impressions and over 4.379 clicks per month, making it visible to over 1.5 million people annually.

Profitably used content marketing to acquire new SaaS users

Property Management SaaS Platform

Fairwalter AG 

Samuel Baumgartner, CEO


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